Project management and consultancy services

  GPC positions itself as the provider of premium consultancy and management services to construction projects. Each individual project involves different dynamics and so our experience allows us the unique ability to assess each project independently.

The relationships and successes enjoyed by our clients have provided us with the opportunity for repeat business. We have now completed projects in more than three provinces and in Asia. We remain flexible as to the size, type, and location of our projects. Our projects range in size from fifty-storey office towers to one storey single-family residences. Our capabilities extend beyond just home building. As part of our full range of services, GPC also offers in-house design, landscaping design, construction and project management.

We offer complete project management solutions for:
  1. Custom, New Home Construction
  2. General Construction
  3. Multi-Family Construction
  4. Commercial Construction
  5. Retail facility Constructions
  6. Office Space Constructions (Medical, Professional, Business, Corporate…) 
  7. OMajor Renovations (residential & commercial)
Whatever your need and budget, bring it to Grand Pacific Construction. With our expertise we offer premier consultancy and excellent management services.

The GPC approach

  GPC’s strengths lie in its detail oriented approach and understanding of the current market to effectively manage your project and offer the best possible service.

Our unique position in project managing allows us the flexibility of being able to provide more effective and value-added services to you as our client. The modern day homeowner knows more about their needs and what they are looking to achieve. Matched with the appropriate expertise to guide our clients, the GPC approach not only enhances the results of the project, it brings their dream home to life.

We provide:
  1. Project materials analysis
  2. Design evaluation
  3. Land assessment
  4. Land use recommendations