Industry Links


National Home Warranty


The National provides a quality warranty product for a quality-built home. And the company stands behind its warranties. The National’s commitment to quality begins with a rigorous regime of inspections that begin with a review of designs, especially for condominium projects. When a homebuyer moves into a new home or condo unit, the National is there with them. If there is a problem with the home or unit, the National works with the builder to make it right.


Canadian Home Builders’ Association


Canadian Home Builders' Association of British Columbia is the voice of the residential construction industry in BC, dedicated to fostering a housing environment in which the industry operates effectively and professionally while maintaining affordability and profitability.


Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association


The Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association represents the residential construction industry in the Greater Vancouver Area. Dedicated to the professionalism of its members, GVHBA provides the following services:

  • Liaison with local governments and housing industry groups.
  • Education and training.
  • Technical and economic information transfer.
  • Public visibility and recognition.
  • Opportunities to network.