About GPC


Grand Pacific Construction (GPC) initially started out in 1991 as the construction arm of both Grand Pacific Group of companies and Glory Construction Limited. A land development company in its early years, it has since developed and matured into a company with a strong focus in developing custom homes.

After 4 years of establishing its credentials, Grand Pacific Construction was officially formed in 1995. Utilizing its vast experience in both commercial and residential building, GPC capitalized on the expanding residential market and continued to further improve on its approach toward design and construction.

In 1999, seeing how it was able to capture the imagination of the residential sector, GPC began the process of restructuring operations geared toward providing affordable custom home renovations. Its desire to contribute its inventiveness to the building industry led GPC to form a partnership with Britco homes, a provider of factory built homes.

GPC’s energetic approach and unparalleled drive to provide the unique led to its expansion when it merged with Calgary-based TacLand Corp on the turn of the new century in June of 2000. Today, that dynamic partnership continues to flourish and captivate.

GPC Design and Consultancy


GPC Design and Consultancy is the creative arm of GPC Construction. Comprising of a dynamic and highly motivated team that is headed by Anthony Ho, the team adds a whole new dimension to construction. 

Bringing his experience and expertise to GPC, Anthony believes this about technology in construction and technology in ones living space:

“The use of technology in homes is aimed at making living spaces much more ergonomic, more environmentally adaptive to promote efficient living. Man has always been striving to reach perfection and it is these ideas of perfection that drive us forward.”

Modern construction techniques combined with growing demand have encouraged builders like GPC successfully incorporate technology into home building.  And that has given GPC an opportunity to show case its expertise in designing SMART home systems that lead the trend of homes into the 21st Century.