Building Basics

  Our designs are built around 3 fundamental ideals – ergonomics of living, thoughtful innovations and strict cost effectiveness. If you have envisioned what your dream home should embody, come to Grand Pacific Construction and we will help make that a reality.


  The ergonomics of living in a modern day home vary from family to family and individual to individual. With so many different forms of lifestyle demands and requirements, the need to have a home created to suit your needs and your demands makes it essential that your lifestyle ergonomics are considered.

At GPC, we bring our professionalism and our experience to creating a home that is built around your lifestyle and needs.


  Skylights for letting in natural light; walk-in closets to provide additional space and incorporating the latest in automation technology for a home that is one for the future. Our use of thoughtful design stems from the vast experience that we have in residential home building. Thoughtful design works to improve your overall living experience, making little additions to complement your home.

Cost Effective

  As a complete custom homebuilder, GPC offers a one-stop solution to all your renovation requirements. We have the ability to custom just about anything within your home. At GPC we will work within your stipulated budget and make the most appropriate recommendations to help you create your dream home.