Since it’s founding, Grand Pacific Construction has been featured in numerous articles, magazines and editorials.

Georgie Awards winner in 2003

  Winner of the 2003 Georgie Award’s Best Builder in BC Award (Award category #36 - Small volume 10 units or less), the company has come a long way since its conception. A solid foundation built on communication, trust and a genuine desire to offer the best possible service has made Grand Pacific Construction the multi-faceted construction company it is today.

It is our intention to continue building on these 9 years of service to provide the Greater Vancouver Region with affordable, quality construction.

About The Georgie Awards

  The Awards are a tribute to the achievement of members of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of British Columbia (CHBA BC) and celebrate excellence in home building in British Columbia. GPC is proud to be a member of the CHBA BC.

Feature articles

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